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Store Closure

Sorry, we're closing our shop to the general public until further notice!!

There are still a few ways to order yarn:
1. Call me at 604-287-5668. I'll help you put your package together and you can curbside pickup (free) or we'll deliver to your curb (Mission only). We take PayPal, credit card, e-transfer or Square payments.

2. You can go to, choose "Pickup at Trendy" at checkout and you can curbside pickup (free)

3. You can go to and choose any of the other shipping options.

4. If you catch me at the store (when lights are on), feel free to knock and I'll be glad to help you.

5. email me at with your questions

Thanks for your patience and support!
Stay healthy and safe my yarnies!


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Fat Alpaca Sings

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Super bulky big stitch yarns of 100% alpaca wool. Fat Alpaca Sings is our bulkiest alpaca yarn and it is made in Finland. This yarn is amazing - it is huge, soft, wavy and luxurious. Be inspired and create the most beautiful knits with this yarn. This yarn is ideal for knits that come close to skin.

As with all TJOCKT yarns, it’s pre-washed and slightly felted on the outside for less pilling and no shrinking! Spun the old-fashioned way rather than core-spun, so there’s no worming or separating even when you have to undo or “frog” your stitches. Great durability!

3 Fabulous Natural Colors!


28 yards(26 meters)

Unit weight:
200 grams (7 ounces)

3.0 to 4.0 sts = 4 inches

Needle size:
US 35 - 50 or 19 - 25mm

Hook size:
19mm (S) - 25mm

100% Camelid - Alpaca

soft, fuzzy


(Excl. tax)
* colour choices: